Experts Pregnancy Panel for the Natural Minded Mama


Imeinu Pregnancy Panel

Experts Pregnancy Panel for the Natural Minded Mamma

Presented by Imeinu Birth Collective

Organized by Imeinu Doulas Steering Group

Wed, June 11, 2014 7:30 – 9:30pm



Welcome from our Founder; Wendy Kenin –  Imeinu Birth Collective Mission

Moderator: Shoshana Friedman-Hawk – Panelist Introductions

Panelists: On how their services support pregnancy, labor & early post postpartum

Midwife Lindy Johnson, CNM Alta Bates Hospital

Dr Aumatma Shah, Naturopathic Doctor & Homeopathy, Fertile Vitality Clinic

Allison Palandrani, PT, DPT Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation Center

Karen Josephs DC, Family Chiropractic

Shoshana Uribe  M.S., L.Ac., Manzanita Wellness

Introduction of Imeinu Doulas Steering Group, including IBCLC Lactation Consultants, Therapeutic Postpartum Practitioners, Birth & Postpartum Doulas & Childbirth Educators

Hilah Zohar, on Postpartum Therapeutic Care

Dahlia Frydman, on Lactation Consultation

Audience Q & A



Midwife Lindy Johnson, CNM Alta Bates Hospital

As a midwife of many years at Alta Bates, I am happy to report that natural childbirth is alive and well in the hospital. Choosing a midwife is essential to get the guidance and support you need. I started my practice in home birth and then added hospital birth, bringing the same confidence and commitment to protecting the normal process. I am now doing deliveries just at Alta Bates.  Women come to me from all walks of life. What they and there families share is a desire to be with a provider who will be with them however the journey unfolds, and a belief in birth itself. 510-644-0104

Dr Aumatma Shah, Naturopathic Doctor & Homeopathy, Fertile Vitality Clinic

Dr. Aum is a Naturopathic Doctor and Fertility/ Women’s Health Specialist. Her three month program to Fertility Success leads couples into their first trimester of pregnancy, having generally lesser symptoms and issues– even in older, “high risk” women. The importance of maintaining optimal blood sugar levels, nutrient levels, and other factors are crucial to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy postpartum. Working with diet, nutrition, and homeopathy, Dr. Aum helps women stay healthy through pregnancy towards healthy birth and beyond! Also, Dr. Aum offers lifestyle counseling that can help setup the whole family for an easeful transition when the baby arrives. Dr. Aum is a graduate of UBCNM and has been in practice for close to 10 years. She finds joy in helping create healthy families so that they can enjoy life and fulfill their fullest purpose together. 415-275-1733


Karen Josephs DC, Family Chiropractor

Dr. Karen is a family chiropractor, practicing in the East Bay since 1999, and more recently Marin County. She specializes in pediatric chiropractic, pregnancy care and expert wellness care for newborns to elders. She is certified in the Webster Turning protocol, NSA, BGI, BEST and advanced muscle and lymphatic release work. She travels anywhere in the Bay area for home or hospital visits up to 8-weeks postpartum. She is also a trained doula and has attended dozens of births. She lives in San Rafael with her 6-year old daughter and hosts new mama’s groups and alternative parenting support gatherings in her office in Lucas Valley. 415-295-5290

Allison Palandrani, PT, DPT Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation Center

Allison received a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Sonoma State University and a clinical doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Southern California. She is a physical therapist specializing in pelvic floor dysfunction and treatment at the Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation Center in San Francisco. Allison is an active member of the International Pelvic Pain Society and is involved with community outreach and education in the Bay Area. 510-922-9836

Shoshana Uribe, L.Ac. Manzanita Wellness Clinic

Offering support on your journey to greater health and well-being…. Approaching you as a whole person, using acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, massage, and other traditional healing wisdom. I work with a wide variety of diverse health concerns, including but not limited to: women’s health (including fertility/pregnancy/birth/post-partum), holistic pediatrics, digestion/nutrition, musculoskeletal issues, and easing challenges of life transitions by focusing on body, mind, and spirit. Both private and community sessions available. Spanish speakers are welcome. My practice is inspired by the body’s ability to heal and by a strong belief in our interconnectedness with the earth and each other. 510-459-9320


Representatives from Imeinu Doulas Steering Group


Shoshana Friedman-Hawk, Birth and Postpartum Doula

I firmly believe that as a Doula my role is to support both the birthing mother and her partner in having the birth that they desire. Through education and information, so that they can make informed choices. Through emotional support, so that they have the confidence to believe in themselves and the choices they make. Through physical comfort measures, so that the experience of childbirth can be more fully enjoyed.


Wendy Kenin, Birth Doula and Imeinu Founder

Wendy Kenin founded Imeinu Birth Collective in 2008 so that she could attend births at night while working and raising her four children during the day. With a passion for attending to the laboring mother, Wendy offers an informed and holistic approach to planning for birth and life transitions. Wendy prides herself in supporting homebirth, birth center, and hospital births while always providing a family-centered, homebirth environment whatever the setting. A certified domestic violence counselor, supporting women and families during birth is one aspect of her advocacy for women’s wellness and social change. Wendy blogs and provides social media “grassroots communications” coaching as Greendoula.


Hilah Zohar, Holistic Practitioner

Hilah has been a Birth Doula and Senior Prenatal and Postpartum Bodyworker with Imeinu Birth Collective for the past 5 years. She is pleased to be able to provide specialized personal postpartum healing care in the 4th trimester for new mothers. Hilah’s menu of special services help new moms get back into pre-pregnancy shape, back on their feet faster and regain their strength and energy for years to come. A graduate of San Francisco College of Acupuncture, Hilah has apprenticed and worked with many prominent practitioners. She has been a practitioner of Chinese Medicine Techniques and Herbal Remedies, Moxibustion, Swedish Massage, Lymphatic Massage Therapy and Visceral Manipulation for three decades. She attends women at any life stage, including but not limited to prenatal, birth, and postpartum.


Dahlia Frydman, IBCLC, ACHI Master Doula, NRP, PpD, Sleep Specialist

Mother, birth specialist, Licensed IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Sleep Specialist, naturalist and educator. Accredited by ACHI; Master Doula, Midwifery Assistant & NRP Certified. Practicing in Los Angeles since 2002. “From my perspective birth is a time of great trust and respect of nature’s wisdom, we allow the process to unfold. It is one of the most sacred and awe inspiring experiences of life. Attending to the mother to- be is a privilege and a joy I continually give thanks for.” 510-255-5885


Lori Jaffe

Lori Jaffe, a DONAtrainedBirth and Postpartum Doula, has facilitated diverse and empowering births in homes, birth centers and hospitals, throughout San Francisco and the East Bay. Lori’s comprehensive knowledge stems from her work as an administrator in the postpartum unit at Berkeley’s Alta Bates hospital. The mother of 3 children, Lori is also a substitute preschool teacher, co-owner of Oakland’s legendary Grand Bakery and is a trained massage therapist.


Barbara Wener, Birth and Postpartum Doula

A Labor & Postpartum Doula, Baby Planner and Placenta Specialist, Barbara lives in Concord and serves the San Francisco East Bay, Napa/Sonoma, and Marin.

This event was coordinated by the Imeinu Steering Group members

Dahlia Frydman

Shoshana Friedman-Hawk

Hilah Zohar

Lori Jaffe

Barbara Wener

Wendy Kenin, Founder

Imeinu Birth Collective

(510) 629-9346

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