MICROBIRTH Film Screening in SF 11/3/14

Microbirth Film Screening
 Please join Imeinu and
“New Mother” author Allie Chee for a
SF screening of the documentary MICROBIRTH.

November 3, 2014
6 – 9 pm
2500 18th Street SF
The film will be preceded by a presentation from Imeinu and followed by an open discussion.

Door Prize! Drawing for 10 free copies of the book New Mother, by Allie Chee.

This year the yartzeit (anniversary of one’s death) of Rachel Imeinu, Cheshvan 11, falls on November 3, 2014. Sometimes celebrated as Jewish Mother’s Day, people gather at Rachel Imeinu’s tomb in Bethlehem and hold smaller Torah learning circles around the world to honor and remember Mama Rachel, the biblical matriarch. Imeinu Doulas & Collective is pleased to present the screening on Rachel’s Yartzeit, the Jewish Mother’s Day, to open up discussion on the ways we birth in the world today.

Imeinu Doulas & Collective is a group of birth and postpartum doulas that provides physical, emotional, informational and spiritual care to the laboring mother, her baby and her family to encourage the most positive childbirth experience. Imeinu serves persons of all cultural and religious backgrounds.

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