Homebirth for Doulas Training


Online training for birthworkers based in Israel and North America. Cost $49 (Payment by NIS 145 available by emailing imeinudoulas@gmail.com)

Israel-based Midwife Sarah Seymour’s Homebirth For Doulas Training will cover the role that the doula plays at a homebirth, which differs from at a hospital. Students will acquire tools to make them the most effective doula at a homebirth and a more valuable member of the homebirth team; gain knowledge to help guide clients considering home as a suitable place for birth, including the safety and benefits of homebirth, as well as specific information that the doula as close birth partner should have during the labor, delivery, and immediate postpartum time.

Students will have the option of taking a test after the class in order to receive a Homebirth For Doulas Certification from Homebirth Midwife Sarah Seymour.

Sarah Seymour has been a midwife for over 20 years and it is the passion of her life. She trained and worked in the UK and then retrained in Israel when she made Aliya in 2000. Sarah is excited to be attending homebirths exclusively since 2019. Sarah has a degree in Nursing from Manchester University, in the UK and a degree in Midwifery from Middlesex University, London. As a Midwife, Sarah feels privileged to help women and their partners make their experience as positive and as healthy as possible. Sarah teaches that the birthing mother is at the center of her child’s birth and she encourages her to feel her own strength and power! Sarah prides herself in keeping a calm and joyous atmosphere during the birth, so that the process can unfold naturally without undue stress. With that, she treats the safety of mother and baby as her number one priority.

Wed 20 October 2021 – 20:00 Israel / 10:00 am PST

Info on facebook: https://fb.me/e/2rRGAedRT

Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/…/homebirth-for-doulashttps://www.eventbrite.com/e/homebirth-for-doulas-training-with-midwife-sarah-seymour-tickets-174967521567…

In the event of a birth, the training may be rescheduled.

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