Imeinu Doulas is a group of birth and post partum doulas that provides physical, emotional, informational and spiritual care to the laboring mother, her baby and her family to encourage the most positive childbirth experience.

We are honored to offer resources for childbirth as a Jewish rite of passage and to be a voice of Jewish thought & culture, building women and family wellness networks in the US and Israel.

Imeinu serves persons of all cultural and religious backgrounds. Our doula team works collaboratively and in shifts to provide a solid presence throughout pregnancy and birth.

Imeinu Birth Collective is a network of birth professionals and other service providers who are committed to the mission of Imeinu Doulas.

Our name “Imeinu” is inspired by our Jewish matriarchs. Read more about our name here.

Imeinu was founded by Naama Rue aka Wendy R. Young Kenin.






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  1. I am a birth doula and reflexologist living near jerusalem. I have been looking at Imeinu online and think it is a wonderful innovation! I would love to join the doula network. Please let me know how to go about . Thank you.

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