Jennifer Miriam Altman

As a doula, Jen Miriam trusts in the innate wisdom and abilities of mothers and babies. It is her wish that all women feel supported, empowered and fulfilled in their birth experience. Jen Miriam sees birth as a sacred rite of passage and an opportunity for growth, transformation and empowerment. She honors the unique choices made by each individual mother and baby, and respects and acknowledge babies as conscious and aware beings. Jen teaches Birthing from Within Childbirth prep classes as a 5-week series or privately in the home. She also leads private and group Cesaerean birth prep classes.

Erica Aren doula
Erica Aren

I’m an educator, a community builder, a mentor. And, after my own journey – a mother. I know navigating the path to parenthood can be more complex for some than others. I do this work to build, strengthen and educate families, supporting all who seek to grow. Through an empowering and confident approach to family care, I support trying to conceive, IVF, pregnancy, birth and beyond. I’m here to help you remember your strength and find your courage through all phases of your journey. To me there is nothing more important than providing compassionate care, genuine connection and tremendous support to any and all brave enough to bring new life into this world.

Jessica Porton

I have been a doula since 2013, and am currently in the process of becoming a midwife. Besides being drawn to pregnant women and their babies, I am drawn to women and families in general. I am fascinated by each family’s unique story. I eat up every morsel of information and connection that is formed at each prenatal meeting. The energy flowing through a woman in labor fuels my being, and witnessing the mamababy pair after birth feeds my soul in the most satisfying way. I love discussing ways to achieve greater health and wellness — whether talking about diet, exercise, herbs, touch, etc it is always fascinating to learn about traditions of each family. Coming from a family of Soviet Jews, I did not grow up religious. Recently however, I have begun to witness the wisdom of the Jewish religion and traditions. I am passionate about learning more and incorporating traditional Jewish customs into my practice. It is for this reason I was so honored to become a part of this Jewish collective. I hope to serve Jewish women throughout the childbearing year-providing tender, ancient support with the guidance of Hashem and our ancestors.

Mika Cade

Bio coming soon!

Wendy Ellen Cochran

As a world dance educator and performer, I have taught and performed for almost 50 years now. While working, I was a birth doula for my friends, family, colleagues and students.  After retiring from education, I completed my DONA training. I am now on the volunteer teams at San Diego’s Best Start Birth Center and UCSD Hearts to Hands. With almost 30 births under my belt I am ready to move forward with my doula practice. I like to use my expertise in qi gong, beledi (belly dance) and yoga to help my laboring moms. I continue to take advantage of professional development opportunities such as hypnobirthing, breastfeeding, and advanced doula trainings as they come up in both San Diego and Oakland. On facebook:

Abby Ejigu
Abby Ejigu

As a CAPPA Certified Labor Doula, Abby Ejigu devotes her work to serving families during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.  Her support includes sharing evidence-based information so her clients feel secure in making the best decisions for their families.  Abby provides reassuring words with every curve along the path of growing your family, so you know you have been heard and your priorities are respected.  And with guidance in movement mechanics, we work hard to ensure comfort measures are implemented for optimal birthing and breastfeeding outcomes. Employing non-medical childbirth and postpartum support can get your family off to the best start.  In addition to birth and postpartum support, Abby is a Moderator for Bay Area Breastfeeding Support, both the online and in-person group, and is an Ambassador for the National Perinatal Taskforce.

Shoshana Friedman-Hawk

I firmly believe that as a Doula my role is to support both the birthing mother and her partner in having the birth that they desire. Through education and information, so that they can make informed choices. Through emotional support, so that they have the confidence to believe in themselves and the choices they make. Through physical comfort measures, so that the experience of childbirth can be more fully enjoyed.

Dahlia Frydman

Mother, birth specialist, Licensed IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Sleep Specialist, naturalist and educator. Accredited by ACHI; Master Doula, Midwifery Assistant & NRP Certified. Practicing in Los Angeles since 2002. “From my perspective birth is a time of great trust and respect of nature’s wisdom, we allow the process to unfold. It is one of the most sacred and awe inspiring experiences of life. Attending to the mother to- be is a privilege and a joy I continually give thanks for.”

Shaina Hammer
Shaina Hammer

I am a doula, childbirth educator, and licensed social worker living in Beit Shemesh, Israel. I have a huge passion for birth, women’s advocacy, and maternal mental health. I am the the founder of a new organization called Shalva Doulas, a network of doulas from all over Israel. We speak to each expectant mother and find out what you’d love in a doula, what your vision for your birth might include, and how you’d like to be cared for during this special time in your lives. From there we’ll help you choose an experienced doula that’s perfect for you.  Be in touch at 0585820916 or

Denise Handlarski
Denise Handlarski

Denise is a Jewish doula helping people all over the world create Jewish inspired birth plans (online), Jewish and general pregnancy and labor prep (online), and is a full service birth doula for clients in Toronto, Canada. Serving Jews (and their loved ones) ranging from traditional to secular/cultural, Denise helps make the birth experience feel supported and empowering, with a spiritual element for those who desire.

Lori Jaffe
Lori Jaffe

Lori Jaffe, a DONA trained Birth and Postpartum Doula, has facilitated diverse and empowering births in homes, birth centers and hospitals, throughout San Francisco and the East Bay. Lori’s comprehensive knowledge stems from her work as an administrator in the postpartum unit at Berkeley’s Alta Bates hospital. The mother of 3 children, Lori is also a substitute preschool teacher, co-owner of Oakland’s legendary Grand Bakery and is a trained massage therapist.

Amanda Kessner

I am a DONA International trained birth & postpartum doula with a background in Feminist Studies.  As a doula, my goal is to be your pregnancy and birth advocate. I offer antenatal, birth, and postpartum support. I specialize in helping parents create a birth plan that honors their unique birth intentions. I bring a warm and calming presence to birth and pregnancy, as well as my breadth of experience with natural and hospital birth. I also offer a body positive approach to birth that celebrates size diversity. I am deeply inspired by the families I work with. I believe that birth is a sacred process. Your birth should be treated with the utmost respect and trust. I have 8 years experience working with mothers, infants, and newborns. I’m a volunteer doula at San Francisco General Hospital and Homeless Prenatal Program and a member of The Swiss Cheese Childcare Collective.

Deborah Lesser

Deborah Lesser, raised in New York City, came to California as a young bride and was fortunate to have four children who are now adults. She arrived in Berkeley in 1971 and soon joined a ‘pregnancy-rap’ group at the Free Clinic. This group of new mothers founded Bananas, an information and referral service now about to celebrate it’s 40th year. Deborah has trained as a post partum doula because she loves babies and wants to help moms have a smooth transition to motherhood, to feel supported and reassured. The help that post partum doulas can give a family can be tremendously important in the first exhausting months in a new mother’s life.

Sue Proctor

Since 2009 Sue has had her Doula Certification from DONA and recently attended their latest conference in Boston highlighting the most recent trends in the life of a Doula.  Assisting in births at Alta Bates and Highland County Hospital has given her diverse experiences. In addition to working with clients, Sue has also been helping to grow our collective with our founder Wendy Kenin since 2008.

Sheva Rice

A Feldenkrais trained and hands on Doula, Sheva has birthed with women all over the world. With 10 years experience and over 100 births, Sheva can proudly advocate for and educate moms on the birthing that they envision for themesleves. “Every birth is so different. My goal is to support mothers to find their inner power, birth intuitively, and gently embrace however their birth may unfold.” Visit BabyMoon Steps on facebook or call Sheva at (310) 402-9756.

Devorah Leah Romano Profile
Devorah Leah Romano

Devorah Leah Romano trained with Childbirth International and became a doula in 2005. Born and raised in Berkeley, Devorah Leah is the fourth in a family of ten children and has always loved newborns. She had a homebirth in Brooklyn in 2010 when she gave birth to her son Mendel, supported by her husband, doula and midwife. Devorah Leah has taught preschool, and has offered sessions of Mommy & Me “with a Jewish twist.” Devorah Leah is the Program Director of the community building non-profit organization The Friendship Circle in Berkeley which brings together teen volunteers and children with special needs. A natural birth advocate, Devorah Leah is available to attend homebirths.

Naama Rue (aka Wendy R. Young Kenin)

Naama Rue founded Imeinu Birth Collective in 2008 so that she could attend births at night while working and raising her children during the day. With a passion for attending to the laboring mother, Naama offers an informed and holistic approach to planning for birth and life transitions. Wendy prides herself in supporting homebirth, birth center, and hospital births while always providing a family-centered, homebirth environment whatever the setting. A certified domestic violence counselor, supporting women and families during birth is one aspect of her advocacy for women’s wellness and social change.

Lauren Samuel

Lauren trained as a Doula in Jerusalem in 2006, where she attended births at Sha’are Zedek hospital as well in Tzfat. Lauren moved to the US to start her family and gave birth to her daughter at home with her husband and midwives. She values the wisdom of the body and the strength of women in trusting their own process of birth, however this may unfold for them. She attended several births of friends in the U.S before joining Imeinu Doulas in 2010. Lauren has also actively learned and practiced as a Herbalist for ten years and offers Herbal support and Nutrition for women during pregnancy, breastfeeding and postpartum. She is trained as a Massage Therapist and in First Aid/CPR.

Talia Schiff

Hey Everyone! I’m Talia Schiff, owner of Brave Belly! I am a DONA trained birth doula and postpartum doula as well as Lamaze International trained childbirth educator. I offer services to families of all backgrounds across the Bay Area. Ever since I was 14 years old, I’ve been fascinated by women’s health, from sexual health to motherhood. I believe all women are beautiful and everyone deserves an advocate. In 2014, I received my Master’s in Public Health with a focus in Maternal and Child Health. Working with mothers and babies, safety is of utmost importance, thus I am trained in CPR and First Aid. I speak Russian fluently, and I am conversational in Spanish and Hebrew. As your doula, I will support you and your loved ones by providing evidence based information, compassionate care, and emotional support as you move through your pregnancy and the birth of your child. If you would like to set up a time to talk, please contact me through my website:

Cristina Urista - Doula
Cristina Urista

I am a doula intern at Bay Area Birth Keeper Professionals where I mostly work with pregnant foster youth in Alameda County. I am an assistant to Samsarah Morgan at Nia Healing Center. I have volunteered as a doula and published a traditional Mexican postpartum birth narrative with Imeinu Birth Collective.

Hannah Weiss

Hannah Weiss is a Licensed Midwife providing compassionate Hybrid-Midwifery Services to women who are choosing to birth in a hospital setting, but would still like the choice to have home-based concurrent care throughout their pregnancy and 6 weeks postpartum with a midwife. 510-685-6703

Barbara Wener
Barbara Wener

I am a Labor & Postpartum Doula, Baby Planner and Placenta Specialist. I live in Concord and service the San Francisco East Bay, Napa/Sonoma, and Marin. On facebook Doda Barbara’s Doula Services.

Lucy Yanow

I am a  fourth generation reproductive justice activist, and continue this work to honor my foremothers, and the generations to come.  I am in awe of the mystery of birth, and am grateful to serve in its unfolding.  My strength as a doula is to advocate with birthing people and famlies, so that birth can be experienced as an empowering rite of passage.  I have been working along the spectrum of reproductive health since 2005, and serve all pregnancy outcomes in all settings; home, clinic, birth center, or hospital.  I currently apprentice with Awakenings Birth Services and am a student at the National Midwifery institute, when I’m not working as a social work associate at San Francisco General Hospital, or attending births as a doula.  I love to ferment vegetables, cook soup, do yoga, and go see live music whenever I can! Frog in the Moon Full Spectrum Doula Support
(530)774-3300 Find me on!

Ariela Sharon Yomtovian
Ariela Sharon Yomtovian

My Name is Ariela Sharon Yomtovian. I believe that through our bodies, we can touch our souls. My work in this world is to elevate the female voice specifically in healthcare and wellness. I am an herbalist, bodyworker, educator and doula. I have studied at ArborVitae, Manzanita Wellness, The Eden Center, Hadar Institute and with Robin Elise Weiss. In addition to one-on-one services, I offer workshops on herbalism, yoga, Birth Torah and Judaism. I have taught in collaboration with Imeinu Doulas, Moishe House, The Jewish Studio Project and more.

Hilah Zohar

Hilah Zohar has over two decades of experience working as a massage therapist using techniques including acupressure and a range of massage and body work methods. She treats patients with Chinese medicine techniques, including herbal remedies, moxibustion, lymphatic drainage massage, and visceral (organ) manipulation. A graduate of San Francisco College of Acupuncture, Hilah has apprenticed and worked with many prominent practitioners, learning additional treatment modalities such as polarity massage, lymph massage, reflexology, hypnotherapy, western herbal medicine, and Native American medicine. She attends women at any life stage, including but not limited to prenatal, birth, and postpartum.

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