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Imeinu Doulas: Providing spiritual support to prospective, new Jewish mothers 1/8/2021
Jerusalem Post

“Doulas typically support the birthing mother physically, emotionally and with information, but Imeinu also provides spiritual support. Birth Torah infuses Jewish knowledge and rituals into the birth journey, empowering women as they fulfill the sacred mission of birth, and it provides Jewish doulas with even more tools to bring into the birthing room. Through Birth Torah, we hope to move from fear-based birthing experiences to faith-based birthing experiences,” Yomtovian concluded.

Call the Midwife 3/2017

Protocols midwives have used for years often make their way into the hospital setting, according to Kenin. She cites as examples the increased prevalence of skin-to-skin contact between babies and mothers within moments of delivery as well as the practice of delaying umbilical cord clamping until the cord stops pulsating or the placenta is delivered to ensure that the baby receives as much placental blood as possible. In fact, in January, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ Committee on Obstetric Practice recommended delaying cord-clamping, citing increased hemoglobin levels and improved iron stores for the first few months. In their work, both Kenin, 45, and Ertel, 40, the Pittsburgh-based midwife, offer Jewish teachings to interested women. “As much as they want, we can offer them Jewish sources of inspiration,” says Kenin.

Crowdsourcing Your Birth – How one mom-to-be is using the internet to help pay for her natural birth 2/2013

Natural birth advocates are well aware that the childbirth protocols in hospitals are often not scientifically sound, but instead are based on trends to medically intervene in and disrupt the natural labor process.

Doulas draw from Jewish tradition as birth helpers 1/26/2012

The 4-year-old Jewish collective — six women, each with different training and specialties — also offers a unique angle on pregnancy and labor: Judaism and a sense of deep spirituality color almost everything they do.

Mothering the mothers: Bay Area doulas give moral, physical help to mothers-to-be 1/27/2006

By that evening, Kenin was in full labor. “Because I’m a doula, I recognized my groaning and knew that this was pre-pushing time. I woke up my doula and husband. I said, ‘We better go now or we’re not going to get there.'”

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